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Take time to process the information on the website and the information on this page. Does it resonate with your heart?
If your response is YES…continue


Take time to ask God what He thinks about you joining the team at Mountain Refuge.
What did He say?
If His response is YES…continue

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Let’s have a conversation about the opportunity to join our team. Please use the form below to contact us.

Mountain Refuge is a home and our team is family.
This is what we invite you into.



We honour one another. We get real with each other and listen to each other (we each have the Holy Spirit living within us and we each have revelation to share that is important to the whole).

We walk with humility, knowing that pride is one of the greatest hindrances to relationship.

We walk together as family with a common goal.

We forgive each other quickly, because of the forgiveness that has been extended to us.

We will learn how to communicate effectively, since most relationship breakdowns occur because of miscommunication.

Most of all LOVE is our highest priority, to learn how to love well. At Mountain Refuge we will exhaust the topic of love in knowledge and application…because really can you ever get enough of it?!



We are a place of belonging where everyone is welcome and it is ok to be messy.

We keep things simple and easy to replicate.

We get silent and in touch with Holy Spirit and with ourselves.

We can only experience the extravagant dimensions of God’s love together.

We stay connected to the natural rhythms of life and God’s leading; in and out, ebbs and flows, ups and downs.

We have a ministry structure as part of creating a safe place for our team and guests.

We choose to live with holistic spirituality.



We are created as whole beings and here at Mountain Refuge we look at the big picture. We minister to all aspects of the person.

God created us to thrive and He has given us all the resources to do this, sometimes we just need a little help to apply those resources.

One of your primary roles as a team member is to give support. The Holy Spirit does the work and we are to be available.

We believe in the next generation. We do this for them. We are here to champion them into victory.

We are here to listen, that means we take time to truly hear a person. Listening is an active process.

Life and blessing continually flowing from the heart of God. We walk in the flow of life and blessing and become His heart extended.

To summarize

be a safe place, be available, be real

listen, champion, bless

draw out the glory in others, contend for freedom in prayer

love the one in front of you!